Clip Thinker – Interactive Video Platform

Future of video interaction

Our platform empowers you to upload short videos and seamlessly link them together, creating interactive narratives, menus, catalogs, and more. With Clip Thinker, you’re not just watching videos – you’re actively engaging with them.

Instructional Videos

Simplify complex instructions by allowing users to choose the path that suits them best. Whether you’re teaching a new skill or guiding users through a troubleshooting process, Clip Thinker’s interactive video capabilities make learning more interactive and effective.

Dynamic Restaurant Menus

Elevate your restaurant’s dining experience by turning your menu into a visual masterpiece. Create a video menu where diners can see and select dishes with a simple tap. Showcase your culinary delights in a way that’s both appetizing and unforgettable.

Interactive Storytelling

Unleash your creativity and craft interactive stories that allow viewers to make choices, shaping the narrative as they go. Whether you’re a filmmaker, educator, or storyteller, Clip Thinker gives you the tools to engage your audience in an immersive storytelling experience.

Product Reviews with a Twist

Make product reviews more engaging by letting viewers decide which features they want to explore. Create interactive product catalogs that empower your audience to tailor their viewing experience and make informed decisions..

Easy Sharing and Publishing

Once you’ve crafted your interactive video experience, share it with the world with a simple click. Clip Thinker provides you with a shareable link that lets others explore your creation effortlessly.